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7月11日~13日,Axon' 邀您共聚2023慕尼黑上海電子展!展位號4.1H-E316,恭候新老客戶蒞臨!

  • 2023-06-07

NO.1 展會介紹

慕尼黑上海電子展 (electronica China)將于2023年7月11日至13日在國家會展中心(上海)舉行。屆時,Axon'將作為參展商之一,亮相于4.1號館-E316展位。

Electronica China will be held from July 11th to 13th, 2023 at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). At that time, Axon' will appear as one of the exhibitors at Hall 4.1- Booth E316.

Electronica China.jpg

NO.2 展位圖

Axon' specializes in the design and manufacture of high-quality connectors, cables and harnesses,for aerospace, automotive industry, Oil & Gas, research institute, medical devices and etc. Axon' has extensive experience in the field of interconnection.


NO.3 精選產品介紹


Our wires, composite cables, cable assemblies, PTFE tubing and flat flexible cables are designed to meet the severe constraints of the medical markets including biocompatibility, sterilization, miniaturization, aesthetic aspect, EMI protection, antibacterial properties and resistance to handling from the medical staff and patients. 



Axon' 在扁平柔性電纜制造方面擁有長期的專業知識。小型(提供0.30毫米間距),柔性,與ZIF / LIF連接器兼容,扁平柔性電纜可用于筆記本電腦,打印機,CD和DVD播放器,LCD顯示器,全高清顯示器,汽車收音機等眾多應用領域。為了使用LVDS協議連接全高清顯示器,Axon' 開發了100 Ω屏蔽扁平柔性電纜。它們允許出色的高速信號傳輸,以獲得高質量的圖像。

Axon’ Cable has a long expertise in the manufacture of Flat Flexible Cables. Small (available in 0.30 mm pitch), flexible, compatible with ZIF/LIF connectors, flat flexible cables can be used in numerous application areas in notebooks, printers, CD and DVD players, LCD displays, full HD displays, car radios, etc. To connect full HD displays with the LVDS protocol, Axon’ Cable has developed 100 Ω shielded flat flexible cables. They allow for excellent high speed signal transmission for high quality images.



Micro-D Connector

Axon' 提供的micro-D連接器非常適合重量,小型化或信號傳輸是關鍵問題的眾多系統:制導系統,車載設備,GPS系統等。Axon' Micro-D印刷電路板連接器設計用于將 PCB 的盒內連接到外部電纜.

Axon’ Cable offers micro-D connectors which are perfectly suited to a multitude of systems where weight, miniaturisation or signal transmission are key issues: guidance systems, on-board equipment, GPS systems, etc. Axon’Micro-D Printed Circuit Board connectors are designed for interconnection of PCB’s inside-the-box to external cables.



Miniature wires and cables


Miniaturisation and space saving. These are the requirements of many electronic applications. Axon’ Cable designs wires and composite cables as small as possible to save space in these necessarily compact electronic devices. The trend to miniaturisation also concerns sensors which can be found in everyday objects but also into machines, medical equipment, cars and robots. Axon Cable offers wires and cables for sensors including thermocouples, coaxial cables and miniature coaxial cables.


NO.4 電子展邀請函


Welcome to our booth for communication. We also hope that you can find the right products in Axon'.


NO.5 眾觀展渠道


》聯系我們 Contact us






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